About Comtec IT Support

We are a small, friendly web design and IT services company
based in Runcorn, Cheshire UK.

Competence in Technology.

What we do



Who we are

We’re a multi-disciplinary outfit, equally at home building complex websites as we are designing complex computer networks.

Although Comtec IT Support is still a relatively new company (formed in 2009), it is backed by many years’ experience of working in IT at both technical and senior management levels, having previously been employed by a large public sector organisation. We consider ourselves to be approachable and accomplished IT professionals, always willing to give that little bit extra.

Our clients

We mostly operate in the small business sector and have clients spread across a broad range of industries including photography, GP surgeries and healthcare, entertainment, home improvement, food & catering, ladies fashion, engineering and building services.

Our Core Values

We go out of our way to deliver a quality service that we can be proud of. Our core values of trust, honesty and commitment is at the heart of everything we do. We will always be honest and transparent. We don’t believe in hidden charges so the price we give you is the price you pay (unless, of course, you decide to change the scope of your project at some point along the way). In fact, we’re so upfront about our web design costs, we publish them here on our website.

Although we’re highly flexible in our outlook and our approach to the task in hand, we are pretty dogmatic when it comes to delivering your project. And while we enjoy working with clients on a project, we also like to see results and get the satisfaction that comes with successfully completing a project.

Lots of customers have already put their trust in us. Why don’t you join them?