Web & App Design for Schools Photography Business


After being recommended to us by one of our other clients, Leicester-based Stu Williamson Photography asked us to take over the maintenance and development of the bespoke e-commerce website for their specialist schools photography business based in Dubai. We were also asked to give the site a more modern and clean user interface and to transfer the site to a new host, no mean feat when the site contains around 260,000 images. Additionally, some changes were required to the PHP code to accommodate new e-commerce requirements.

This was quite a significant undertaking. The website is very busy and any lengthy period of downtime would have been costly. Having liaised with various people in Dubai, we agreed to transfer the site late evening when it would be early morning in Dubai. The transfer was a complete success with only very minimal (and unavoidable) downtime.

Android and iOS App Development

After the site had launched, Stu Williamson asked us to develop iOS and Android apps to complement the online ordering aspect of the website. The app allows customers to login to the SW Schools website and to order their photos either by keying in their passcode or by scanning their QR code. We developed both apps from scratch using native code and development tools.


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Web Design for Schools Photography Business