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David Gregory Roofing is a family-run business, serving Runcorn, Cheshire and the North of England for over 40 years. Starting our as a roofer, he soon moved into all areas of building services. One of his passions is restoration of churches and listed buildings. He gets great satisfaction from repairing leaky roofs, making good worn stone steps and rebuilding old stone walls.

Website Development

Although David Gregory already had a website, it was severely out of date, was based on Google Sites and did not use his own domain name. Prior to contacting Comtec, he had approached another web developer to create a site for him but was badly let down. We adopted a very flexible approach and worked with Mr Gregory to put together a much more modern and appealing website that also contained useful information missing from his previous site.

Although quite a simple site, it was perfectly adequate for Mr Gregory’s needs and he was very happy with the end result.


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